Friday, March 14, 2014

Hola otra vez!

After an exhausting couple of days at El Porvenir, we recharged and were ready for a day back in Ciudad Sandino. Today started off at 8 am with a question and answer session with Becca, Kathleen, Pat, and Kathy from the JHC. We learned about what originally brought them to Nicaragua and some of the challenges associated with life away from their family and friends in the US. We were interested to learn about their thoughts on US involvement in Nicaragua and they had some great suggestions. At the end of the session, we received informational pamphlets and were reminded that the JHC operates primarily on donations and we were encouraged to continue our fundraising efforts for this incredible cause.

We headed back to the clinic for our final day of work. Arielle, Jasmine, Abbey, and Traci helped out in the pharmacy throughout the day and all agreed that it was an awesome experience. The rest of the crew picked up paint brushes and continued painting the fence/walls outside the front of the clinic. It is starting to look incredible! The bright and cheery colors make a huge difference and make the clinic look more warm and welcoming.

After lunch, a few of the boys joined some of the JHC men for a casual game of softball and the rest of the crew cheered on from the sidelines. After the game, we all headed into the dorm building for a BANDANA FASHION SHOW!!! The goal was to model the crazy bandanas that all of us had been wearing throughout the week. Meredith laid down sheets as a makeshift catwalk. Zach, Kelsey, Mia, Maho, Arielle, and Heather strutted their stuff and everyone died of laughter. Mia, Kelsey, and Zach won the grand prize (a gift certificate to the Freez). For their performance, Mia and Kelsey wrote a hysterical rap to the tune of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song:

"In Managua, Nicaragua with the Brigade
In Jubilee House is where we spent most of our days

Workin' at the clinic, sweepin' the ruff
Comin' back for lunch to chill with Bea and stuff

When a couple a times we went out to explore
Saw the market place and rode a tractor

I got in one little hammock, yeah i slept there
We said we're lovin' the times we spent down here"

After we finally stopped laughing, we headed back to the clinic to finish up our paint project. When the final coats of paints were applied, we stepped back and admired our work. It looked GREAT! We are currently getting ready for a night our at the discoteca! The girls are primpin' and the guys are pimpin'.

Arielle and Jasmine

What are we listening to now? Here's a link!

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  1. Its been great reading all of the great stories. I can't even imagine the memories you all will take away from this experience.