Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day 4

Hola familia y amigos!
This morning we started our day with another speaker, Jenny Atlee. Jenny came to educate us about the  current situation in Honduras, one that few of us knew about. We focused a lot on America's involvement in foreign affairs. It had a specific impact because she also provided us with information about how each of us individually can become involved. Being here it's hard to feel like we're having much of an impact, especially after experiences like the dump. Dr. Steve reminded us that above the entrance of the clinic is a plaque that reads, "Bucknell Made This" and even if sweeping a roof or painting a wall doesn't seem like much, we're apart of something that spans a much longer time than our 10-day stay and we should feel great pride in that. Providing immediate aid, for example after Hurricane Mitch, is very important but we're upholding a long lasting establishment that will better the Nicaraguans more than we know.
Today was our first full day at the clinic. Again, we split up into our assigned groups to work on the roof, painting, or in the pharmacy. Our brigade's spanish speakers have been paired with those interested in medicine to translate and work with labeling prescriptions and doses for the patients. One of the biggest sentiments taken from the pharmacy is something we've learned in many settings in Nicaragua so far - nothing goes to waste. We've come to realize that in Nicaragua something is used and reused and only disposed of when it can no longer serve a purpose. In America, after we're done with something we're very quick to throw it in the trash when really it can still be useful.
Lo siento, we won't be able to post until Thursday because we are off on an adventure to El Porvenir! Hasta Luego!
Mia, Alyssa, and Kelsey (From left Lindsey, Kelsey, Alyssa, Mia, and Erin "JHC")

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